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Aguetttant Nordic - 2 years in the Nordic Countries

In our first year we were been busy setting up the Nordic subsidiary. In this second year, we have extended our platform of Ready To Administer products within anesthesia and critical care from 5 to 11 and we have welcomed 5 new colleagues across the Nordic countries.

Our mission is to provide new innovative and safe medicines and support health care workers at Anaesthesia Departments and Critical Care Units in the Nordic Hospitals with our range of injectable medicines: Ready To Use vials and Ready To Administer Pre Filled Syringes.

At Aguettant Nordic, we believe that Ready To Use vials &  Ready To Administer pre-filled syringes for precise dosages, is the solution for a lot of the challenges, our healthcare professionals are facing in the critical care treatments of patients. 

Ready To Administer is helping increasing the safety of patients and healthcare professionals, reducing the workload of staff, minimising medicine waste and hospital expenses and reducing the environmental footprints in hospitals.

We are here to introduce our product range of medicines:

Ready To Administer pre-filled syringes & Ready To Use vials